Propane Conversions

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Automotive Propane Conversions

EMT Tuning converts everything from smart cars, daily driver cars, taxi, and trucks to buses to race cars using the newest digital sequential propane fuel injection technology. All applications are truly a dual fuel system with equal performance and efficiency on both fuels.

Advantages of Converting to Propane

Converting your vehicle to propane is the easiest way to save up to 50 percent of your fuel costs total.There are many advantages to converting to propane. Unlike other alternative fuels, virtually any gasoline-powered vehicle, including the one you already own, can be converted to propane.


The vehicle is equipped with a selector switch on the dash that allows you to operate the vehicle on either fuel.

The Propane Advantage:

Clean burning
Environmentally friendly
Very low sulphur content
Creates lower particulate and greenhouse gas emissions than most types of fuel
Rates at 100-110 octane
Very efficient fuel
Works great with modern high compression or boosted engines
Does not go bad
Very safe
Propane systems are tightly regulated and tanks
Known to be safer in a collision due to superior build standards

Propane Converted Vehicles:

Have the added benefit of greatly increased range between fill ups
Tank capacities up to 330 litres, in addition to the gasoline capacity
Enjoy 2-3 times the mileage between engine overhauls
Great for fleets
Due to the clean burning of LPG, oil contamination takes longer, engines remain cleaner, and parts last longer
Are cost effective – there are substantial fuel savings to be had
Propane conversion is actually less expensive than a hybrid option or diesel engine upcharge
Fuel theft is difficult, and therefore quite rare

Propane is an excellent fuel alternative because it not only saves you money, it is a clean burning fuel that helps protect the environment.

Propane is:

  • more efficient
  • abundant in supply
  • up to 50% less expensive
  • clean-burning and forms no carbon in the engine


Propane is abundant in supply and can be found throughout Ontario at many gasoline fill locations. Ask about having a tank and dispenser installed in your yard. This will allow you even greater savings!

To locate a propane fill station in your area use the link below.



The propane system requires only minor periodic maintenance. The regular gasoline maintenance is reduced, offsetting the cost of the propane service.


Thevehicle is equipped with a selector switch on the dash that allows you to operate the vehicle on either fuel.

Safe & Convenient

Used with care, propane is a safe and convenient fuel. Propane gas is not toxic. However, should a leak occur, the build-up of propane gas can become dangerous. Because propane is heavier than air, it tends to settle in the lowest available space.

Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle should be maintained by a licensed propane facility. This will ensure years of safe and trouble-free operation of your environmentally friendly propane powered vehicle!

Driving Range

Your vehicle will have close to the same driving range as gasoline. Some vehicles can be fitted with more than one tank to extend the driving range.

Vehicle Warranty

The vehicle’s warranty is not influenced by converting the vehicle to propane. If a problem with the vehicle is found to be associated with the conversion, our warranty will cover the repair.

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