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Performance is an integral part of German engineered cars. It's taken to a science and refined to perfection. But that's for the everyday driver. The A to B.

If you want more than A to B driving, if you like to be the first off the line, or if you live in the left lane. . . We know you need something extra. You need premium performance to unleash the potential of your machine.

But it's not easy to find the right minds to handle your car. That's why Euro Motor Tech has specialized in Audi and VW performance upgrades. We cater to these specific brands because we know them inside out. And now we are established innovators in performance upgrades for your car.

We were the first to. . .

  • Innovate software solutions for turbo boost spikes
  • Insist that excessive exhaust smoke was not necessary
  • Fit an intercooler on a Jetta mk4 as a direct bolt on

And as performance pioneers, we know what it takes to give your car that little (or a lot) extra to make it perform the way you want it. There are no Audi upgrades or VW upgrades that we can't handle. All of our jobs are done with the highest quality Audi and VW performance parts to make sure your performance upgrades are not only met, but maintained through the durability of quality parts.

New turbo? Suspension? Software*?

All of it and more. . .

Give us a call: 519-826-0020

*Our partnership with GIAC and Malone tuning gives us an unprecedented edge in the automotive software market. If you need anything computer related, make sure to contact us to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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