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I'll warn you now, this article might require a couple of reads and it will only skim the surface of aftermarket chip tuning. Most of the information here will be fairly general as every car; engine management system is significantly different. Hopefully you can at least have a better understanding of what chip tuners need to do to develop a product and how they go about modifying a standard ECU to create more power & torque


Propane Conversions

  • Published in EMT
  • 17 Apr

Automotive Propane Conversions

EMT Tuning converts everything from smart cars, daily driver cars, taxi, and trucks to buses to race cars using the newest digital sequential propane fuel injection technology. All applications are truly a dual fuel system with equal performance and efficiency on both fuels.

Advantages of Converting to Propane



  • Published in EMT
  • 15 Apr

Performance is an integral part of German engineered cars. It's taken to a science and refined to perfection. But that's for the everyday driver. The A to B.

If you want more than A to B driving, if you like to be the first off the line, or if you live in the left lane. . . We know you need something extra. You need premium performance to unleash the potential of your machine.

But it's not easy to find the right minds to handle your car. That's why Euro Motor Tech has specialized in Audi and VW performance upgrades. We cater to these specific brands because we know them inside out. And now we are established innovators in performance upgrades for your car.

We were the first to. . .

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