EMT Stage 3 2001 VW Jetta 1.9 TDI MK4

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Ryan wanted a bad ass TDI. So we delivered with our Stage 3 kit. This BEAST, without a LSD, is wild in all gears. Crazy power which is smoothly delivered with a massive kick of torque, ensures you will be lunched back in your seat smiling while you’re still getting above factory fuel economy.

Thanks to Mark Malone from Malone Tuning, we are able to build a fully custom TDI specifically designed with daily driving in mind. EMT VT3 hybrid turbo delivers boost set at 26 psi with 0 to no lag. EMT front mount intercooler kit keeps the charged air warm to the touch even under the most demanding driving. Passenger Performance supplied a beautiful down pipe beyond anyone’s expectations for quality of workmanship, beautiful big welds which are back purged provide a seamless transition between all the welded pieces. Turbo to down pipe flange is tapered to unrestricted flow of exhaust. Bosio Race 520 7 hole nozzles provide and fuel the engine fuel demand for clean and smooth power. EDM drilled nozzles holes provide the highest quality nozzles on the market to date. Let’s not forget about 11 mm injection pump upgrade.

During the build we made sure all necessary maintenance was complete first. We replaced all air filters, timing belt kit with metal water propeller pump, new glow plugs, fresh full synthetic Oil made by Fuchs, new turbo feed and return oil lines, and a fresh fuel filter.

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Additional Info

  • Manufacture: Volkswagen (VW)
  • Year: 2001
  • Model: Jetta
  • Odometer at build: 199,000
  • Horse Power: over 190 hp torque: over 340
  • Fuel Economy: Above factory average
  • Budget: over $7000
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