EMT Tuning Water to Air Intercooler 2001 Golf 1.9 TDI MK3 Stage 3

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Dejan approached us with an idea of building the ultimate TDI sleeper. The idea was not about building the fastest TDI, but building a true sleeper. It was not about building flashy, fancy, crazy fast car, but a refined like wine, clean designed setup.

Most people, even those in the loop, might not notice all the awesome goodies we custom build and installed under the hood, like our custom build water to air intercooler with XMC coating done on the intake pipe, intercooler kit, and air manifold by Fireball Performance Coating. The owner was passionate about using as many OEM parts as possible going as far as sourcing all VDO gauges in matching blue to create a seamless panel of essential monitoring instruments.

Engine is equipped with an EMT VT3 turbo, 11 mm Injection Pump, Bosio race 520 7 hole nozzles. We installed 3 bar map sensor, boost gauge, egt gauge, water temp gauge, oil pressure and temperature gauges. LSD from Peloquin Transaxles provides a solid base for putting down the hard earned horse power and torque down on the pavement. Car hooks like a dragster pulling hard in all gears with slight wheel spin in 3rd gear, provides an exhilarating driving experience with much more powerful power plants like the 1.8T or the VR6. Hands down our favourite and best build.

The Power

A 190+ who dyne run might be just within reach! The power curve continues past 4500 RPM.

All of the basic maintenance was done before the build like replacing the timing belt and water pump, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, feed and return oil lines and all of the gear synchronizers in the transmission with fresh bearings. Truly a beautiful ride like no other in North America worthy any Magazine cover.

Mod list:

VT3 Turbo, Race 520′s nozzles, Water to Air IC, EMT Race Pipe/EGR Cooler Delete, Catch Can, XMC Ceramic Coated Top Pipes, 3Bar Map Sensor, 11 mm IP, DC Stage III clutch, Peloquin LSD, VR6 axles, 2.5″ PP DP/tt cat-back, Air-vent boost gauge, Front & Rear Neuspeed sway bars, B&G RS2 coils, Front suspension rebuilt kit, TT bushings, 225/45/17 Michelin Pilot Sports PS2′s/Audi Fat fives, Evo skid plate, Inpro all-red tails, Tint, FK badgeless grill, OEM euro hids, OEM Recaro seats.

This sleeper is running 26 PSI boost and using regular Shell Gold diesel fuel. We made no attempts to inflate dyno numbers (car has no over boost, 0 diesel cetane booster, we did not install water/meth injection, no propane kits, and no nitrous injection, etc.). This is a daily-driven street setup.

Short video is showing the acceleration during our testing, and it is only running 171 WHP and 252 Tq! So the car is much faster once we finished tuning it.

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Additional Info

  • Manufacture: Volkswagen (VW)
  • Year: 2001
  • Model: Golf
  • Odometer at build: 100,000
  • Horse Power: over 185 hp torque: 310 tq
  • Fuel Economy: Above factory average
  • Budget: over $9,000 on EMT upgrades
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